We envision an environment where Business and Leisure customers come together in the most mutually beneficial ways, an environment where a customers service and price requirements are optimally matched.
Is a complete travel destination management company. Our core activities consist of providing ancillary travel related products such as Hotels, Furnished Services Apartments, Transfers, Sightseeing Tours, Professional guides and Packages at competitive rates to the corporate and wholesale/retail travel trade. It is a fully owned Malaysian-company, which was established in 2006. We are fully equipped as a DMC and we believe in providing the best service!
We are also specialized in Overland Tours which are tailor made according to the market requirement,. Since we own the fleet of cars, Van & Coaches as well as in-house guides, it is a great advantage for us in the pricing as well as the service.
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Highly professional and self drive, motivated Team, DREAM DESTINATION will also invest in extensive team-building programs that will ultimately fabricate a unified and dynamic workforce. It is imperative that hired personnel are to adhere to the Core Values of the company: Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, Loyalty, Professionalism and Customer Satisfaction

10 reasons why YOU should choose Dream Destination and what we thrive on!

Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority! We believe in it and are very much customer oriented to suit your needs.

We’re a creative bunch of people & we think ‘out of the box’ to offer you a city as more than just a destination.

Our combined workforce consists of various ethnicities working together as a team.

We’re very diverse with our multiracial cultures and traditions and are very much able to offer similar comfort to your guests as they would have back home.

We’re very experienced & love what we do!

We’ve got good and strong contacts in the travel industry. We know a good deal when we see it and it’s never far away!

Immediate on-hand problem solution! Things sometimes don’t go as to plan, but then again, we always ensure that you won’t have any problems in the first place. Late night calls is never a bother.

We work with you hand to hand to ensure maximum cooperation!

You’ll never feel as if you’re left out!

We’re always on our toes and ready. We’re a highly responsible team!

We ensure your guest returns back with a smile!

DD We Know Some Places Better Then Others
DD We Know Some Places Better Then Others